Decisions, Decisions

My last entry on July 1st was not the final time that I read Foucault. Consequently, Foucault helped me to decide that I must utilize the last weeks of my summer doing what many an aspiring graduate students should be doing in that time… practicing self-care.

While America shut down for COVID, I was actively pursuing the final year of my undergraduate degree; It was interrupted mid-semester. Many students dropped out. I continued, and most universities created temporary policies that permitted students to exercise a pass/fail grading system to continue and finish their degrees. I pushed on, did not utilize the policy, and maintained over a 4.0 GPA. I took a summer class the following summer semester and moved with my spouse into our current home with not even couch to sit on. I never gave myself a chance to recalibrate before starting my final semester, where I still maintained over a 4.0. After graduating early, I submitted grad school applications and took a graduate course as a non-degree student to prepare myself for my desired future. In other words, I never stopped.

So, I decided to allow myself to recover. It will be that much more important as I enter into the Fall semester registered for three graded graduate courses, one ungraded graduate course, two classes that I am assigned to GA in, as well as tutoring at the community college 20 hours per week. I will be overloaded.

I am grateful to have experienced a summer with long walks, nature hikes, learning the behavior of hummingbirds, and balcony vegetable growing.

I’m sure Foucault would have appreciated it, too.

Published by eahrendsocgrad

I am a first-year PhD student at the University of New Mexico, studying sociology. My current research interests are mental health and social movements.

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