It’s Research Time

This past week, I completed my second class facilitation, in Social Inequalities class. My facilitation partner and I collaborated until well into the hour just before class to discuss how we would cover the contents of Liat Ben-Moshe‘s book, Decarcerating Disability: Deinstitutionalization and Prison Abolition. If you haven’t already – Read. This. Book.

Discussing the dynamics of carceral spaces beyond those that we are used to (prisons, mental health facilities, and group homes), Ben-Moshe introduces us to others we hadn’t yet considered – including experiences of chemical incarceration. THIS is the book that I have been searching for, for a very long time.

Sanism is a topic that has somehow been left silent in the social sciences, and I don’t believe this is due to ignorance. Mental health is evasive and contested and drives stigma that has existed for millennia. No one wants to talk about it, but it’s not a matter of want anymore. We need to talk about this.

In the coming weeks, I will be developing an in-depth literature review on sanism to fulfill course requirements for two classes. I am very much looking forward to the official journey. In the present, I anticipate that the journey will involve discussions with scholarly authorities and secondary analysis.

So far, JSTOR only has 50 articles. They never said it would be easy.

Published by eahrendsocgrad

I am a first-year PhD student at the University of New Mexico, studying sociology. My current research interests are mental health and social movements.

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