My, My, My

What a difference 10 days make in grad school life.

I have commenced my literature review research and found that much of what I anticipated introducing into the social sciences around sanism has been done already, but has not necessarily been spoken with the voice of sociology.

And so begins a new journey looking for what hasn’t been said yet. What does this look like in practice, you ask?

A multi-disciplinary conglomeration of discriminations, defined. There are words that people need to be using that they aren’t yet.

We know what it might look like to be sanist or experience sanism. The bigger questions are: What is creating these discourses? Who creates our ideas of “sane” versus “insane?” How is “normal” defined, and by whom?

What’s more, who’s living at the intersections in experiences of sanism?

So much work still to be done, but I’m starting with Madness studies and discrimination within medicine of people who are experiencing mental difference.

Oh, and did you know that mental illness doesn’t exist?

To be continued…

Published by eahrendsocgrad

I am a first-year PhD student at the University of New Mexico, studying sociology. My current research interests are mental health and social movements.

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